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Non-Profit Reg: 8607877

Dancing Damsels Inc.





Press Release: TiDf 2017 (Post event)

Posted by contactdancingdamsels on October 18, 2017 at 6:25 PM Comments comments ()
FULL HOUSE SHOW! Another Festival to Be Proud Of!! Toronto International Dance Festival TiDf 2017, unites the colors of dance in all their vividness, radiance and uniqueness. TORONTO: On 7th October, 2017 at Lyric Theatre �?? Toronto Center for the Arts (5040 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6R8 ) Dancing Damsels Inc. brought together more than 20 International dance companies showcasing their dance styles all on one stage at the 4th Annual Toronto International Dance Festival (TiDf 2017).  This is the International dance festival�??s 4th year running from the house of Dancing Damsels Inc., whose goal is to promote cultural integration by showcasing various International dance forms demonstrating their rich cultural heritage; which helps foster a bonding among Toronto�??s diverse communities from around the world. This cultural night, with its shimmering attires, various performances and beaming smiles, riveted the audience and kept their spirits high. This festival brought the audience together to share common cultural experiences and see the arts as integral to their lives and communities, providing access to a breadth of dance forms that stimulate the imagination and provide an experience that inspires people. This dance festival provided a common platform to all artists (to display their talents) and the dance connoisseurs (to appreciate the performing arts by masters as well as novices). It proved to be a lavish feast for the eyes and ears for all International dance lovers. Flawless performance by all the renowned artists captivated the audience heart and made them �??spellbound�?�! The quality of dance performed here was unmatched in terms of presentation and quality. TIDF 2017 participants were Sakuramai TO, Druid Academy Irish Dancers Inc, he Rhythm Ensemble, SLOGA Dance Company, Mexican Folkloric Group "Tonatiuh", Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (KCPA), Nirkoda Israeli Dancers of Toronto, Sampradaya Dance Creations, Shhhhh Designz Entertainment, Panwar Music & Dance, Adishankara Academy of performing Arts (ASAPA),Dancing Damsels Inc, Roosara Dance, Samba Jess Academy, Belly Up Belly Dance studio, Melodia de Bolivia Dance Academy, Filippino Fiesta, Ensemle Topaz, Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, Kahawi Dance Theatre and Melodia de Bolivia Dance Group. The brightly lit shimmering Toronto Center for the Arts made the performances beautiful and mesmerizing. It was indeed a wonderful evening of art and culture, an evening to learn and be inspired from. This spectacular event was made possible by Grand Sponsor - Manoj Karatha of Remax Realty Inc., Gold Sponsor - Trios College, Ambika Jewellers (Jeyaseeli Inpanyagam), Lata Menon (Menon Law Office), Kerala Ayurveda (Binoy Chacko), Royal Kerala Foods (Saji Mangalathu), Riya Travels (Saji Thomas), Chaithanya Ayurveda and Vijayan Krishnan (Royal Lepage). Production Crew: Gita Shankaran (Production Manager); Mary Ashok (Festival Director), Jaison Mathew (PRO), Sudharshan MeenakshiSundaram (Ticketing Manager), Jayamohan Menon, Gary Gu  & Lata Menon (VIP & Media), Birendra Rajapreyar (Marketing), ArunKumar Chokkappa, Salome Nalini Paryag, Vishnuvardhan Subramanian, Balaji Ramachandran, Tamilselvan Raju, Yuvarani Kamalamoorthy, Neha Ashani, Kushalini Kumar, Asha Vishwanath, Smriti Dash, Swati Tripati (Media ), Elliot Rosenburg (Script), and Marcela Aranda Urueña (Emcee). Picture Courtesy: Ken Dobb.

Toronto International Dance Festival 2016 @ Fleck Dance Theatre, December 17, 2016

Posted by contactdancingdamsels on December 22, 2016 at 9:10 PM Comments comments ()

Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF 2016) unites the colors of dance in all their vividness, radiance and uniqueness.


Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF 2016) @ Fleck Dance Theatre, on December 17, 2016


Toronto: On Saturday December 17th 2016 at the Fleck dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto,  Dancing Damsels Inc. a Toronto based non-profit multicultural arts Promotions Company for women empowerment – brought together more than 20 dance companies to perform their 15 productions to showcase 20 international dance styles - all on one stage at the Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF)

The Toronto International Dance Festival has grown from humble beginnings to become a repeating and memorable feature of the Toronto’s annual Arts Scene. Due to the energy and vision of its Managing Director, Mary Ashok, all this has happened within three years of the organization’s inception. This year’s December evening of celebatory dance, presented a medley of affirmative multicultural examples, was infused with life-affirming energy. Each of the 15 distinct examples that came to the stage worked with the others to provide an amazing multicultural smorgesboard that was outstanding for its professional choreography and technical execution. But more importantly, each presentation was bouyed by a spirit of joy and uplift. Taken together, all fifteen of these geographically wide-ranging and culturally diverse dance performances seemed to fuse as one to make a unifying statement: “Dance is the hidden language of the human soul.”

This amazing TDIF show presented dance as a universal poetic urge through which culturally specific forms of rhythm and movement can be yoked together. Each form expresses a specific pride in local heritage, while at the same time conveying a universal yearing that there be understanding and respect shown for each unique expression within that vast variety. The dancer is an artist, a craftsperson whose message reaches all who care to watch. All the rhythmns and movements of dance share a common voice which cries out: We are diverse and yet we are one! There are a near-infinate number of ways ways the human body form can be linked to diverse beats, jumps, and twists, plus specific styles of adorment. Yet, in this Harbour Front show, all these bodies seemed to speak as one. At this important event dancers from around the world joined to convey a message begging for harmony but also for individual admiration. What better way to spread hope in the face of the dark politics of division that is defining our time?

Rise of the Phoenix, by the Chinese Collective Arts Association, Kalbelia, A Cobra Gipsy Dance from Rajasthan, by the Obskurah Dance Company, Gatibilas, An Odissi Dance, by the Mrudanga Dance Academy, A Contemporary Afghan and Indo Central Asian Dance, by Ensemble Topaz, Kathak Duet, by Panwar Music and Dance, SriLankan Raban Dance, by Roosara Dance, Egyptian Belly Dance, by Belly Up & Ala Nar Ensemble, FESTACC African Dance of the Gods, by Ijo Vudu Dance International Oorja – (Bharatanatyam, Kutchipudi, Mohiyaatam & Kathakali) by Regatta Kala Kendra, The Wedding – Hip Hop style by VYBE Dance Company, Long sleeve Dance, by Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (KCPA), Ecuadorian Cultural Dance, by Huairapungo Ecuadorian Ethnocultural Group of Ontario, Turiya (Kalaripayettu influenced contemporary), by Anandham Dance Theatre, Mayurbhanj Chhau – Indian Warrior Dance, by Madhusmitha Gharai and the Dancing Damsels and Deck The Halls – Jazz, by Momentum Dance Toronto were the performers of this International dance Festival (TIDF 2016). Altogether 20 professional dance companies participated to perform these15 productions to showcase more than 20 international dance styles - at this event.

There was a unique binding thread that helped to weave all of the above performances together: it was the story of Santa Claus. The audience was easily made to understand, through him, that the performances being watched, as Santa traveled in an instant around the world, was the magic responsible for this re-energizing feat called for by a tired and cynical world. The cast and crew of TIDF 2016 were Elliot Roseburg (Santa Claus), Quinlan Shearer (Elf 1) Julian Dufresne (Sid Blitzen/Super Agent Voice Over), Ria Patangay (Ria) & Dr. Deepa Grewal (Telephone Operator Voice Over),  Sabita & Gagan Panigrahi (Stage Managers) and Jessica Campbell-Maracle (Lighting Designer).

The official inauguration of the wonderful dance festival took place on Saturday December 10th in the presence Federal, Municipal & Community Leaders. The organizers announced that TIDF 2017 will be a 3-day festival open to performing artists around the world.

"Countless enquiries about the Toronto International Dance Festival from artists in Canada and abroad has encouraged us to expand our festival as a 3-day event in the coming year.” Mary Ashok, Artistic Director of TIDF

This event was ably supported by Museum Dental, Om Sai Physiotherapy Clinic Mississauga Inc., Menon Law Office, Ambika Jewellers, CANFIN Financial Group, Royal Kerala Foods, Naveen Vadlamudi - Royal Canadian Realty Brokerage, Vince Thomas - Royal LePage Realty, Vivek Bhatt - Advisor-Compliance; Risk Management; Insurance; Investments, Eurojets, Amanjit Singh Lalia CPA, CGA, Vijit Vasu - Remax Community and Apeksha Homeopathy Clinic.

For more informations, visit their official websites: / or you can reach Mary Ashok, the Artistic Director of TIDF and the Managing Director of Dancing Damsels Inc at: 416.788.6412.

You can have the Photos from:[email protected]/VmLa3F

(If you need High Resolution pics, please contact: [email protected] 

Report by Brenda Beck

December 20, 2016

Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF -2016)

Posted by contactdancingdamsels on November 19, 2016 at 8:05 AM Comments comments ()

For Immediate Release:

November 1st, 2016

Toronto: The Dancing Damsels Inc. will proudly host the 2016 Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF), on Saturday December 17th from 6pm -9pm at the Fleck Dance Theatre located in the Harbourfront center of Toronto - 207 Queens Quay W, Toronto ON M5J 2G8 · 416-973-4000.

The artistic vision that drives our dance festival is to showcase “All World Dance Forms on One Stage.” Tying in with the theme of the festival, dance styles ranging from Classical to Modern, Folk to Contemporary are included each year. Toronto’s leading performing artists and dance companies will showcase their expertise while exhibiting their personal expertise using a variety of dance styles.

This is the 3rd year of the prestigious Toronto International Dance Festival and in keeping with the festive season, this year’s show will have Santa taking the audience with him for an exhilarating cultural adventure while he travels around the world. This event is family friendly and is open to all members of the public including youth and children.

Tickets ($25-$30) for the 2016 Toronto International Dance Festival are available through the Harbourfront Centre Box Office, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8. Phone: 416 973 4000, press 1, Fax: 416 954 0366 Email: [email protected]

The Main Box Office at 235 Queens Quay West is open Tuesday through Saturday, 1pm - 6pm.

History of the Dance Festival:

Launched in 2014 as the DD DanceFEST, the dance festival aims to provide a single platform for professional and emerging dancers from various cultural backgrounds in Toronto.

Having organized the dance festival for two years in a row the organizer, Dancing Damsels, has come to realize that the presentation of high-quality and cutting-edge productions by leading professional artists is indispensable. These performances support the interests and demands of their clients and also help advance the goals of all our local Toronto artistic-dance communities.

As a result, in 2015 DD DanceFEST was renamed as the Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF), an organization dedicated to showcasing many different International dance forms all on one stage. To date this festival has showcased more than 60 dance styles with the participation of many prominent companies. Our participants include groups such as: Regatta Kala Kendra, Nrutha Kala Kendra, Pallavi Arts, Adi Shankara School of Performing Arts (ASAPA), Nupura School of Music & Dance, Dancing Damsels Team, Arpan Academy of Performing Arts , S.G Expressions, Raagini Dance, Ree's Move n Dance, All Stars Bhangra Toronto, CANOSA Dance Group, Prima Dance, Rees Moves & Dance, Momentum Dance Toronto, Latin Energy, The Hawaiian Pacific Magic, Belly Up , Ayame-Kai Group , Chinese Collective Arts Association (CCAO), Tdot Tdat Thai, Ayemai-Kai Japanese , LLS , School of Irish Dance, Starz Dance Crew, Nirkoda-Jewish Dance group, Jo Jo Zolina, Sanskriti Arts, Korean Culture Community and "Tatry" Oshawa, Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization (MCAO), What's On Tap Dance Company, Nirkoda Israeli Dancers of Toronto, Mexican Folkloric Group "TONATIUH", That's swing, Tarana Dance Centre, Korean court dance, Bialy Orzel Toronto, Momentum Dance Toronto, Egyptian Dance Academy, Latin Energy, Sanskriti Arts Ensemble, Culture Shock, Spanish Dance Company, Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico.

In 2017, the festival organizers wish to make TIDF as an October weekend festival where authentic dance presenters from many International locales will be invited to participate as well. 

"Countless enquiries about the Toronto International Dance Festival from artists in Canada and abroad has encouraged us to expand our festival as a 3-day event in the coming year.” Mary Ashok, Artistic Director of TIDF

About Dancing Damsels Inc.

Dancing Damsels is a registered not-for-profit multicultural arts promotions company dedicated to the empowerment of women. The objectives of the company are – • PROMOTE - cultural arts and cultural exchange • EMPOWER - women to exercise equal opportunities • APPRECIATE - women’s successes and achievements • CELEBRATE - womanhood and motherhood • ENCOURAGE - women to pursue their dreams and aspirations

Founded in 2013 the company’s artistic mandate and programming vision is to present International and Multicultural art forms through various events organized throughout the year. It promotes cultural exchanges among multicultural ethnic groups in Ontario through a wide variety of organized cultural programs.

International Women’s Day Canada (DD Women Achiever Awards) and the Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF) are our 2 major annual events. By hosting TIDF each year the Dancing Damsels’ goal is to broaden the public awareness of the myriad dance forms that exist and to foster collaboration among Toronto’s many different artistic/dance communities.

Under Mary Ashok’s leadership as Managing Director, Dancing Damsels has established itself as a unique organization that truly empowers women through the performing arts. Since its inception in 2013, Dancing Damsels has successfully organized 8 major events. Furthermore, 40 women have been recognized with the DD Women Achiever Award for their outstanding contributions to the community each through their own line of work. More than 60 dance companies and more than 500 dance performers have been provided an opportunity to showcase their talents and expertise during each of these events and festivals.

Dancing Damsels is ably supported by a highly accomplished Advisory Board members - Anu Srivastava, Jayadevan Nair, Mokshi Virk, Mercy Elengikal, Jobson Easow, Joy Verghese, Sudharshan Meenakshisundaram, Balu Naliel, Ramesh Bangalore, Sabita Panigrahi, Pushpa Johnson, Nirmala Thomas, Jayasankar Pillai, Lata Menon, K. Varadharajan and Sandhya Srivatsan; plus many Cultural Organization Leaders and countless volunteers.

Social Media:

Website: /

Facebook: TIDFCanada

Twitter: @tidfcanada

General & Sponsorship enquires:

Mary Ashok (416-788-6412)  /[email protected]

Marketing Enquiries:

Birendra Rajapreyar (647.973.2817) /[email protected]

Public Relations & Media enquiries:

Jaison Mathew (647-781-2393) / Prabha Balakrishnan (416) 357-5327

[email protected]